VWFS DRIVE - Driverline


If you lease a Contract Hire vehicle through DRIVE you are also eligible for Driverline, our dedicated 24-hour assistance service, designed to make your life simpler. Driverline offers you a range of support and services you can benefit from, all from one single contact number.
To activate your Driverline account or choose a service then simply call us on: 0330 100 8929, 365 days a year.

What does Driverline include?

  • Breakdown and Recovery Services (UK or Overseas)

    Whether you're in the UK or abroad, our breakdown partner will aim to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Your comprehensive cover includes Roadside Assistance, Recovery and At Home.

  • Report Accidents and Damage

    In the event of an accident and to arrange vehicle recovery our specialist team are on hand to assist you.

  • Service Booking or Maintenance Enquiries

    Arrange a service or repairs for your car though our approved service network. To make life a little easier we manage all the arrangements for you, so you don't have to.

  • Tyres

    Our specialist tyre team are on hand to arrange an appointment or direct you to your local approved tyre centre.

  • Glass Repair

    For all chips, cracks and other glass repairs our team are here to assist.

  • General Enquiries

    Assistance with any other enquiries you may have.

Looking out for you

  • Simplicity and reassurance when you need it most
  • Just one telephone number to call for all your maintenance and general enquiries
  • Easy activation process - simply call 0330 100 8929
  • Our dedicated team is available to help whenever you need it

To activate Driverline, call 0330 100 8929 today.